Pure Pilates Staff Protocols

We’re committed to keeping our staff and clients safe.  Here are the extra steps our staff will  take, to do so:

  1. Staff will enter studio with their own non-medical face covering and use the provided sanitizer (located at the bottom of the stairs).
  2. Staff will wash their hands regularly and sanitize all items regularly.
  3. They will arrive 15-20 minutes before their class to ensure they have enough time to set up the room.
  4. Each mat/reformer will be supplied with 1 sheet of paper towel and 1 spray bottle.
  5. All props will be disinfected. In the case of the Reformer/Cadillac loops, they will be sprayed lightly on the inside and outside of the loop and dried with the paper towel provided at the beginning of class. 
  6. If  the instructor needs to approach a client or leave their mat for any reason, they must be wearing a face cover.
  7. If a  client enters without a face covering and does not have one, the instructor will supply the client with a face mask, at the cost of $2. 
  8. Instructors have been asked to keep conversations after class to a minimum, to allow the next class to be able enter the studio 5 minutes before it starts. 
  9. After every class, instructors have been asked to sanitize any prop or mat they feel a client may have missed.
  10. Upon exiting the building instructors will take a sanitizing wipe and wipe the stair railing on their way out and place wipe in garbage can at bottom of stairs.
  11. Instructors will ask all clients to sign the NEW COVID-19 waiver – and will sanitize all pens that are used, with provided wipes.
  12. All clients and instructors must have foot coverings. These could be TOESOX sold in studio or regular socks of any kind. Instructors will ask that all clients ensure their foot coverings are clean, if not, the option to sanitize them at their mat will be available.