Class Descriptions

In this class challenge your core like never before! Using the Pilates Ball (55cm or 65cm) this Pilates Mat class will have your body working from head to toe with stability & strength challenges.

Each class will flow through a series of timed and repeated exercises. All movements will require you to use your own body weight while you move from open to closed chain exercises and a whole lot of calisthenics (continuous body movement through bending, twisting, squatting etc.)! Using principles from Pilates, IMT (Integrated Movement Therapies), Body by Barre and athletic conditioning, you will create long lean muscle and burn fat. This class is a great addition to your current workout routine allowing you to increase mobility and functional movement for life.

This gentle, slower paced class is designed to release tension and calm your mind and body by moving into various yoga poses. Stretch and twist your way into a sense of ease.

During this non aggressive 50 minute class you will hold a series of poses to lengthen the body followed by constructive toning of the muscle. A perfect class to drop into mid-day and return to work right after.

Longer – Leaner – Minimal Sweat in 50 minutes.

The Pilates Barre is a workout that combines Pilates, bodyweight, small props and Metabolic conditioning for a high energy, low impact, fat burning workout. You can plan to be standing for the duration of class with an intense 5 minutes of direct core work to finish it off. The Pilates Barre class also incorporates stretching elements to lengthen your body and increase flexibility while you tone.

Each class comes with the exciting surprise of one of our several small props. Using bands, balls, rings, rollers and many other forms of props, you will engage and intensify certain parts of your body. Props can also be very beneficial for stretching and rehabilitation. Education and exercise come together in our Pilates Fundamentals class. A class designed around the five basic Pilates principles and so much more. Beginner and seasoned Pilates enthusiasts will benefit from this review, as you move through the five basic principles that will ensure you get the most connection and muscle contraction out of your Pilates experience.

Five basic principles allowing for core strength:
• Head and Cervical Placement
• Pelvic Placement
• Rib Cage Placement
• Scapular Movement and Stabilization
• Breathing

Using a variety of small props and your Pilates Arc Barrel, you will travel through a series of exercises to tone and lengthen the core, spine and limbs.
The Pilates Arc Barrel offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles while incorporating strength work, flexibility training, total body conditioning or physical and occupational treatments while offering spinal support.

Each class comes with the exciting surprise of one of our several small props. Using bands, balls, rings, rollers and many other forms of props, you will engage and intensify certain parts of your body. Props can also be very beneficial for stretching and rehabilitation.

This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use props such as bolsters and blankets to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body.
This class is appropriate for all students. Deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility, reduces pain and the effects of stress. Students with injuries, arthritis or other chronic conditions, limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous exercise regime will benefit from this practice. No prior experience is required.

Restore, Relax and Receive the benefits of this class and Replenish your batteries!

Bonus! During this class you will experience the healing powers of Reiki. Reiki is an Energy Healing modality, which assists the student in healing any ailments that they may need healing from.

A 55 minute workout that includes sculpting, deep stretch and Pilates Roller. Fusing toning moves to sculpt the body and deep rolling techniques to release and remove toxins within the muscles. Ideal for people who don’t believe in an off day!

YIN for Pilates is the perfect complement to your Pilates classes and your own self-care regime. In this class you will move through poses that are held targeting the lower part of the body, hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine where connective tissues are rich. YIN stretches and releases both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. By keeping the fascia healthy you will notice improved body symmetry and alignment, increased blood flow, which means faster exercise recovery, reduced risk of injury, improved Pilates performance, less day-to-day pain and as a bonus you can experience the reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

This 55 minute class will allow you to experience both the Pilates Reformer and our Pilates Mat all in the convenience of one session. Enjoy the diversity of both concepts and allow the benefits to transform your body.