Teacher-Training Pilates Certification program

Teacher-Training Pilates Certification program
Second Wind® Pilates Plus®
Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)®
Hosted by Pure Pilates 

Welcome to your future,

Second Wind’s training program as hosted by Pure Pilates, uniquely combines classical Pilates with Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® to form a unique blend of functional and therapeutic movement study.

Created by Danielle Belec of Second Wind Pilates Plus in 1998, the program continues to be one of longest running and most original Pilates certification programs in Canada.

Pure Pilates’ presentation of Second Wind’s training guarantees you mastery of movement, outstanding teaching skills and responsible service to others. Designed to address not only what you do, but also how and why you move as you do, the program ensures your complete and supported success as a future teacher and mover.

In this program, you will learn fundamental movement principles central to the Pilates work, combined with training in functional anatomy, skillful teaching of proper alignment and posture for each exercise, as well as current biomechanics, cuing techniques and therapeutic applications.

Pure Pilates’ approach to exceptional learning incudes small class sizes, generous one-on-one attention and seven (7) thoroughly written and illustrated teaching manuals unique to this Second Wind training.

As the Director of the Teacher Training certification program within Pure Pilates, I bring with me over eighteen years of instructional practice/experience in Classical Pilates Mat, Reformer, Barrel, Chair and Cadillac. With a vast knowledge and understanding of Functional Anatomy and overall movement for all bodies. I look forward to supporting the unique personalities and learning styles of each student who walks through this certification process.


Laura Turnbull